Transforming wastewater into an opportunity

We build onsite water treatment systems

with microalgae,

that transform wastewater

into a sustainable protein source and clean water.

Our mission is to use biotechnology as a tool to create circular economy solutions for water with high social and environmental impact.

Our vision is to empower every farmer to become part of a fully circular agro-industry conserving our resources in order to benefit people and the planet.


Ensure enough food and water for everyone

Make water treatment profitable

Protect our water bodies


Microalgae ceparium

Bioinformatics integration

Inland fish farm pilot

Patent filed

Our work and traction are supported by:

Research partnership

Participant of the Accelerator

Fellow 2019

National Geographic Grantee

Research partnership

UNleash talent, 
 2018 & 2019

Alumni, class 2018

M.SC. Sustainability Management

Impact assessment (IM)PROVE program

Alumni, GSP 2017

Youth Ocean Leader & Speaker at WOS


CINVESTAV - Irapuato
Libramiento Norte Carretera Irapuato León Kilómetro 9.6, Carretera Irapuato León, 36821 Irapuato, Guanajuato